Top 5 Fat Loss Dieting Mistakes

Apple vs Cheeseburger | Top 5 Fat Loss Dieting Mistakes

Some fat loss mistakes are more obvious than others. Yes, you switch out your usual double cheeseburger with large fries and coke for a salad but why are you still looking more like this:

Hate Salads | Top 5 Fat Loss Dieting Mistakes

And not more like this:

Happy eating Salads | Top 5 Fat Loss Dieting Mistakes

Ok, only psychopaths get happy eating a salad, but you could be happier eating common diet foods for one big reason. And that’s making progress. If you were losing weight and seeing progress on a consistent basis, you might be happier sticking with your diet. It’s when things like this happen…

Weight Scale HELP | Top 5 Fat Loss Dieting Mistakes

that you lose your mind and sabotage your fat loss efforts. But if you’re eating healthy, then why aren’t you losing fat, what gives?

Well you could be making the most common fat loss mistakes that go unnoticed by most people. These mistakes put a halt to your fat loss efforts and keep the weight on despite your most desperate attempts of achieving your dream body.

Luckily for you though, I’ve got the 5 most common fat loss mistakes you can make all neatly bundled up in one video for you to watch. The sooner you watch the video, the sooner you could lose that fat and get ready to hit that beach this summer with a body you can be proud of! Check it out:


If you’ve made any of these mistakes, comment below and tell me about em so we can show everyone just how common these mistakes really are.

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