I Want You to Comment!

Yes, I want you to comment! The comments section is how I interact with you as my reader, get feedback about posts, and commenting is how you become part of the SFS community. If you haven’t already, get yourself set up with a Gravatar (globally recognized avatar) which will add some personality to your comments by displaying your picture (or an image of your choice) next to your posts. The great thing about Gravatars is that so many websites recognize them, so you literally just have to set it up once and then you’re good to go on thousands of blogs and forums across the internet.

A couple of things to note before you comment:
1. Please stay on topic. Comments are for discussion related to the post you are commenting on, not for other unrelated questions. For any unrelated questions, you can email me using the Contact Form.
2. We only display G-rated Gravatars, so if you want to express yourself with a picture that could possibly offend others, you’ll have to do that somewhere else.
3. Please, no profanity, blatant disrespect, or “flaming” of other user’s comments. We’re a friendly, welcoming group here.
4. If you’d like to be notified of follow up comments via email, be sure to check the box under the submit button. This is important as you’ll probably want to know if someone replies to what you wrote.
5. Share! By sharing content, you help others and bring more people to this site to continue to make it even better.This will help expand our community and enable me to reach out to more people and spread the boon of fitness. If you enjoy a post, send it to your Twitter friends, post it to your Facebook news feed, “Plus one” it on Google+ or simply email it to your contacts. The sharing widget beside each post makes it so easy! To be frank, I need and want your help sharing this site! Together, we can help so many people.

That’s about it. Go on, pick a post of your liking, and START COMMENTING!