Egg Yolks = Unhealthy? Cholesterol? Heart Disease? | The Egg Yolk Debate

Humpty Dumpty | Egg Yolks = Unhealthy? Cholesterol? Heart Disease? | The Egg Yolk Debate

Eggs have been a mystery for as far back as history can go. For example, which came first, the chicken or the egg? If we fast forward to the modern era we find that we still have questions about the egg. Like is the egg yolk bad for you and should you be eating them? Unlike in the nursery rhyme above, we have researchers instead of kings who can put the fall of the egg back together again!

First let’s start with one of the biggest fears about eating the egg yolk: high cholesterol content. In this study they compared men and women who ate eggs almost daily to those who didn’t eat eggs at all. What they found was that the people who ate eggs on a daily basis didn’t have an increase in the risk of heart disease compared to those who ate very little eggs.

And then we have the saturated fat scare. Here’s what saturated fat looks like on a molecular level compared to unsaturated fat:

Saturated vs Unsaturated fat | Egg Yolks = Unhealthy? Cholesterol? Heart Disease? | The Egg Yolk Debate

The whole deal with saturated fat is that since the structure is straight instead of crooked like the unsaturated fat, it would be easier to stack up in your arteries and clog them. But is that really the case?

But let’s look at the upside of eggs and if they even have any (Sunny side up doesn’t count). Do eggs contain anything that would actually be beneficial to your health that’s hard to find in other foods? If you want to find out, don’t let the myth of the egg stay a mystery inside my video. Get the answers by clicking the link below and find out!


If you know what came first, the chicken or the egg, comment below. I’d love to know 😉

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  • Adam Moreland

    Simple, the egg came first.
    Through evolution though, it wouldn’t have been what we know as a chicken that layed it.

  • Adam Moreland

    Please correct my embarrassing spelling. Laid, not layed. 🙁

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