To my loyal friends and readers:

I believe in full disclosure and complete transparency, unlike many other website owners, and as my trusting subscriber, reader and/or customer I’ll always be completely upfront about my business.

In the Sebastian Fitness Solutions Newsletter, I sometimes recommend products, other than my own, and with those recommendations I often make a commission on referred sales. This commission is used to pay things like my webmaster, my graphic team, newsletter delivery, website design and other business expenses. This allows me to continue helping you with information I provide on my free blog, free newsletter, free YouTube videos and free products.

Truth is, I get emails every day to promote different fitness programs (and people try to bribe me with 100% commissions sometimes and fancy all inclusive vacations), and the only products I will ever recommend are products that I 100% believe in and use myself. (So get excited about my recommendations because it means it’s something really special).

If I haven’t used it first hand, found it to be of exceptional quality, and believe it will undoubtedly help you achieve your goals faster, I don’t and won’t recommend it. Period. It makes zero sense, whatsoever, to recommend crappy products to you because my reputation would get run through the mud so fast I would be out of business within weeks. Why would I screw myself over like that? I will never jeopardize my reputation for any type of commission. Ever since I came online I have had your best interests in mind and will always put you first before making a profit.ALWAYS.

Thanks so much for being my reader and for your continued support. And applaud yourself for investing into yourself – not only do you benefit yourself but you benefit all your loved ones around you.

Your friend and fitness coach,