Optimal Rest between Sets | How much do you Really Need?

Life is a balance between rest and movement | Optimal Rest between Sets | How much do you Really Need?
The awkward moment right after you’ve finished your set and don’t know what to do with yourself until it’s time for the next set. So to fill this time maybe you take a glance around the weight room to see if your gym crush is there. Nope they’re not there. Ok no problem, it’s time to pull out your phone and cruise social media for a while, that should fill the time nicely right? After scrolling through an arbitrary amount of Facebook posts or Instagram pics it’s time to do your next set. Do you see anything wrong with this scenario?

Or let’s say you just cut your rest until the next set to speed through your workout because it’s crowded in the gym and you feel bad for “hogging” the bench or squat rack that you’re in.

If that’s how you treat your rest intervals then this is father time saying:

I dont get no respect | Optimal Rest between Sets | How much do you Really Need?

Maybe you didn’t think so but rest time between sets do actually deserve our attention because once rest periods are optimized, so is your performance during your next set. How is that possible? Waste no time and find out in my video below.


Keep Learning, Keep Growing!

As a side note, how long have you been resting in between sets up until now? And why?
Comment below and let me know. I’d love to understand your perspective and reasons too.

Suneet Sebastian

Suneet Sebastian is a self-confessed fitness science nerd. His passion and desire for learning, educating and promoting critical thinking in the fitness industry is what sets him apart from the average "guru". He has made a name for himself as an elite Strength & Conditioning coach among professional athletes and regular enthusiasts alike with his extremely detailed and thorough advice backed by concrete science and leaves absolutely no stone unturned when it comes to educating and empowering those that seek to take their fitness to a whole new level. To know more about Suneet's background and the story behind the foundation of Sebastian Fitness Solutions, click here.

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  • Steven Seril

    You are absolutely right about rest, Suneet. It’s too bad us muscle-heads find this to be torturously difficult and want to pound our bodies into dust anyway!

    • Suneet Sebastian

      Spot on Steven! And that’s why so many of us end up getting out of the game way too early because of injuries. Its sad especially since in most cases, its avoidable.

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