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Chicken Legs guy carrying beer | Muscle Masterclass Quads
If it weren’t for his legs, you might say this guy actually has a respectable physique.  Don’t believe me? Ok, let’s try separating his upper and lower boy to gain a clearer perspective.

Chicken Legs guy carrying beer TOP HALF | Muscle Masterclass Quads

He’s no Arnold Schwarzenegger but he does look like he lifts weights here. Now let’s look at the other half:

Chicken Legs guy carrying beer BOTTOM HALF | Muscle Masterclass Quads

Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that you’d never wear shorts that are that short in public, so you’d never have to show your legs like that to people; Thus, you get to skip leg day, right? Ok, fair enough, if hiding your legs so they’d never be seen is good enough for you, then to each their own I say.

BUT. What if you had a pair of legs that looked like this?

Tom Platz Quads | Muscle Masterclass

These legs belong to Tom Platz. He was a professional bodybuilder who never won a Mr.Olympia title, but no one seems to care about that because whenever you ask someone who they think of in bodybuilding when it comes to legs, they’ll tell you it’s this guy. His nickname wasn’t “Quadzilla” for nothing.

Will you ever have legs like that? Probably not, but that picture is just to show you what the quads actually look like to help light a fire in you to want to at least try to get legs like that. I was also going to show you a picture of the quads from an anatomy textbook but I think Tom Platz legs are more fun to look at to show you what the quads look like just as well as any anatomical drawing ever could.

Tom Platz Quads 2 | Muscle Masterclass

The quads as you see in the above picture clearly have 3 parts that helps the legs do their thing. Well, actually there’s 4 parts to it (hence QUADs) but that last one is hidden underneath the others so you can’t really see it here.

That’s a very vague description, I know but that’s just the short sweet version. I don’t want this blog post to turn into a chapter of your run of the mill anatomy textbook so I made a video where I talk all about the quads.

Trust me, it’ll be interesting because not only will you learn about the different parts of the quads that each help make your legs have that defined look, but you’ll learn some training tips that go along with that too to increase the size of your wheels.

Now here’s a quote from Steve Jobs. But before you go wondering what Steve Jobs has to do with fitness, bear with me for a second. He said: ““For you to sleep well at night, the aesthetic, the quality, has to be carried all the way through.” Which basically means that even though not many people will see what’s “hidden”, you’ll carry yourself in a manner that seeps through anyways.

They won’t know what kind of legs you’ve got, but you’ll know.

So to build a truly great physique that is all around aesthetic, functional and strong. A physique that you could truly live with; watch my Masterclass on Quads.


P.S. If you still don’t like training legs, I’d love to hear your reasons. Not to bash you or anything, I’d just like to hear your perspective so I can gain some insight on what people are thinking. And don’t worry, no one from my community will bash you, and I will make sure of that.

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