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Muscle Masterclass Chest Anatomy

This picture contains the “secret” to building a chiseled chest that would even put the statues of Greek gods to shame. Hidden under a layer of skin and fat, is the pectoralis major. And the anatomy of the pec major literally gives us the road map to success on how to best work that muscle for maximum growth and aesthetics… granted that you know how to read that “map” of course.

The anatomy of the chest muscles shows us the BEST ways to get from point A (which is where you are now) to point B (where the magic happens) ,as optimally as possible. But since many people don’t know how to read the anatomy of the chest and take the directions that it gives us, they do exercises like the flat barbell bench press for all the chest gains when they could be having MUCH more success doing the exercises that the pecs were designed to do!

Bench Press FAIL

Oh no that wasn’t a typo. I did say that the flat barbell bench press was an inferior exercise for maximum chest growth and appearance. You’re probably thinking: “But everyone does bench press, how could you go wrong with that exercise?”

My friend, to you I say, you’ve gotta know how to read that “map”, because all the answers are already there.

Once I learned how to read that map, it felt as if I left a dream world full of delusion where I’d try to develop a “mind muscle connection” during my exercises to work that muscle. After learning the anatomy of the muscles I was working, I never second guessed another rep I did while having 100% confidence that every single one of those reps counted big time.

Here’s a clue as to how to read that map and follow its directions. You see how those strands of muscles on the above picture are arranged? How some of them are angled up and some are angled down? That didn’t happen by accident or through random human evolution. They’re arranged like that for a specific reason and once you know how to use that information to your advantage, the game will have changed.

What I mean by that is, every exercise you see from now on will be exposed for what it really is. And YOU’LL have the know how to distinguish between the exercises that are gold, and the not so great ones that are fool’s gold like the barbell bench press. I think you’re just about ready to learn the secret that’s been right under our noses the whole time.

Welcome to my video series called Muscle Masterclass and the video below is episode 1



In future Masterclass videos, you’ll get the roadmap of all your other favorite muscles that you haven’t even seen the full potential of. There is a HUGE iceberg down there and this is just the tip. Stay tuned.

And by the way, I want you to watch that video and come back with the HONEST truth about whether your mind has been blown or not. This isn’t a gimmick, I’m here to get you honest results and I need your honest input. Post them up!

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