DOES CARDIO BURN MUSCLE? | Should you do it while Bulking

Trimming down the last bits of fat from your cut took a LONG time and the slightest mistake in your diet could’ve thrown the fat loss right out the window! It sort of felt like this didn’t it?

Balancing Act

But you made it to your goal and here you are in peak condition for all to see. Wish you could keep that condition forever right? Yeah, me too. Unless you’re genetically gifted, you probably won’t be able to stay in that condition long term without feeling crappy all the time!

So you do the next best thing. Bulk! But now, there’s a different problem…how do you add on the muscle while slowing down the fat gains? If you said: “Cardio”, then bravo, you’re on the right track!

But now, there’s another problem to THAT solution too! How do you add cardio without slowing down the muscle gains? Or even worst, causing muscle LOSS?! We’ve got a whole new dilemma on our hands that feels like this.

Cutting Wires

Should you do cardio, or not do cardio while bulking? On one hand, you may slow down fat gains, but on the other hand, increase muscle loss! Which one do you pick, is it the red wire or the blue wire?! Let me diffuse the situation for you. Watch my video below and save your physique from catastrophe.


If you’ve ever tried doing cardio during a bulk, I’d love to hear your experiences. Like how much cardio were you doing, for how long and how frequent. What type, etc. Remember, the more information we gather, the more we can use that information to make better choices! Don’t let your negative experiences go to waste! Post em up!

Suneet Sebastian

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