6 Ways to Break Plateaus in The Gym | Avoid These Rookie Mistakes

Mountain | 6 Ways to Break Plateaus in The Gym | Avoid These Rookie Mistakes

After starting your fitness journey and getting your first taste of success, you have the feeling of wanting to stand on top of a mountain to display your results to the world. However, as time passes, those results start slowing down to the point where instead of being on the trajectory of a mountain; you end up on a plateau.

A plateau basically means that you see little to no change after a period of activity or time. Here’s what a plateau looks like:

Plateau | 6 Ways to Break Plateaus in The Gym | Avoid These Rookie Mistakes

See the difference? A plateau looks like it wanted to be a mountain but got stuck during the journey, just like you did.

Walt Disney - Magic | 6 Ways to Break Plateaus in The Gym | Avoid These Rookie Mistakes

Walt Disney hit the nail on the head with that quote. It’s the details of what you’re doing that allows you to explore new and promising perspectives. Those new perspectives open up doors you didn’t know were there. Doors that lead you to somewhere you’ve never been! Sounds like…magic.

Tackling your goals under a different light is a sure fire way to get things going again and if that new way doesn’t work like you hoped; that’s alright too, because there are plenty of different/effective ways you can play with the details to end your slump.

So what are some details you can play with when it comes to your fitness journey to help you break through your plateau? There are times in life where you have to figure that out on your own and this…is NOT one of those times because I’ve got you covered. By watching my video below you’ll learn about some of the variables that are backed up by logic, rationale and science to ensure that you’re working with the right details. Go ahead and watch my video now to let the magic resume!




Now that you know what to do, go out there and DO IT 🙂

Keep Learning, Keep Growing!

P.S. you can use the advice about working with the details for any other goals that you have in your life. I’d actually love to hear what kinds of other goals you plan on using that advice with. Comment below.

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