About Us


Who We Are

At Sebastian Fitness Solutions, Science, Reason, and Evidence are the pillars upon which a lifetime of physical perfection is built. One workout at a time.

We firmly believe that aesthetics, strength, and conditioning go hand in hand, and that staying fit is as much a science as it’s an art. A philosophy we take utmost pride in.

Every little aspect of our lifestyle reflects this commitment! Showing off this attitude in style is simply a dream come true!

How It Started

The SFS line of clothing was born out of an unwillingness to settle. What truly sets us a class apart is our vision and obsession for all-around perfection.

Most fitness apparels fall short in one department or the other. While one lacks in style, the other lacks in cut, and when both the criteria are met, the quality is lackluster.

The lack of options forced our founder to take matters into his own hands. And the rest is history!

Why Choose Us

Our apparel is built for the lifters, by a lifter. Designed to flaunt your physique with subtlety and sophistication. Built to suit your superior sense of style every step of the way.

A universal design ensures your attire stays relevant no matter the place and occasion. Pop in and out of the gym without the need to lug around a separate set of gym wear.

Premium Egyptian cotton for every imaginable workout need giving you the most bang for your buck.

The Story

When it came to launching my own line of apparel, I didn’t want to do what everyone else out there does. I didn’t want to slap a random print on a t-shirt and sell it to you hoping you would just buy it to “support me”.

I wanted to make something that would represent the lifestyle you and I share. The one that we live and breathe every single day of our lives. The lifestyle of being the fittest and strongest versions of ourselves but doing so using the power of scientific knowledge. We’re the broscience slayers. We’re the soldiers of facts and evidence. And just like any other army, we have our own colors to wear.

I wanted to make something that would do all of the above, and more. But above all else, I wanted to create something that you and I would be PROUD to wear.

Our clothing is awesome but YOU will be the one making it look good. Your body. Your art.

Now go forth and proudly represent the lifestyle you’re all about.

– Suneet Sebastian
[Founder: SFS Apparel]

The Process



Vowing to outperform the ultra-tight and baggy options available in the market, we tested a plethora of brands to find that ‘perfect’ fit.

Months of ongoing research and extensive testing with a team of volunteers enriched our understanding of the needs of every fitness enthusiast.

After tons of prototype designs and exhaustive fine tuning for every body type out there; flawless aesthetics and uncompromised comfort finally became a reality.


Idea & Concept

Our rigorous and scientific approach brought into existence the perfect clothing for every lifter out there.

From material to cut, style to branding, every little aspect was scientifically tweaked to truly Be Unbreakable! Every little thing about SFS is Built by Science and our line of apparel stays committed to that doctrine.

If a disciplined and evidence-based approach defines your way of life just like it does ours, you'll fit right in with our apparel.


Design & Production​

An unwillingness to settle went into every aspect of the design.

Each piece made of 100% bio-washed, super-combed cotton that feels feathery to the touch. 200 GSM, premium Egyptian cotton seamlessly blends superior strength and comfort. Pre-shrunk and pre-washed fabrics effortlessly retain color and fit despite multiple washes.

We reached out for the best, every step of the way, because you deserve the best your money can buy.


Sales & Support​

We are 100% committed to delivering the premium experience to our community.

Our 24*7 customer support is just a call away guiding you at every step of the process. Give us a call and we’ll sort out every detail including the right fit and the right design that suits your unique personality and physique.

A no-questions-asked replacement guarantee backs our offering to ensure your peace of mind. So come aboard and flaunt your fitness in style!




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