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Training and nutrition analysis

I critique, then mold your training and nutrition plan to steer you in the right direction.

Injury rehab protocol

Suffered an injury? Get a complete rehab strategy to get you back to 100%

STRATEGIES for special events

Got a competition coming up? Getting married at the end of the year? I've got you covered.

General questions

Any and all questions welcomed regarding anything fitness

Thinking about doing a Zoom consult? These people did too

Let them tell you how it turned out

Debanshu Bhadhuri

Suneet Sebastian was the first trainer I met who is essentially a scientist walking the talk.


I was overjoyed having found a fitness specialist who was not a gym hick but a person who could explain all the whys and wherefores.


I am into a lot of adventure sports. In that grossly unfortunate phase of my life when Suneet and I worked together, I suffered 13 extreme sport related injuries, and 11 broken bones. I am 46 years old. It would have been so simple to just listen to my orthopaedic surgeon and say:

" Give it up. This is for the young in body and not just the young at heart."


I survived that bad phase and came out well because of Suneet.


I astonish myself daily at my ever increasing power, strength and agility. And deep down, I know that the man I must thank is helping out others with his unflinching zeal and science.


Thank you, Suneet Sebastian - strong man, scientific man, passionate artist and champion of the body beautiful. And my friend.

— Debanshu Bhadhuri

Surgical Oncologist

Purchasing Suneet’s training plan was a great foundation. However, as I have developed and evolved as an athlete, my needs have changed, and the programme needed to be tweaked and customised to suit these evolving needs.


Suneet’s consultation service was a great way discussing my evolving requirements, and how the plan can be tailored to meet these evolving requirements. Not to mention, regardless of any modified personal concerns, no training programme is perfect, and improvement can always be made, whether it be through minor adjustments in form, or alteration of calories and macro-nutrients to accommodate changes in weight.


And Suneet’s  consult service proves valuable to do all that and more.

— Michael Carrigan

MMA Athlete

You often come across people in your life who leave a mark - Suneet is one of them.


I came across Suneet when I attended his seminar in Body Power Expo, back in 2014, instantly I realised that he was more than just brawn. I consulted him to fix my workout habit, but what I got in return is a knowledge that will last forever. Not only does he know what exercises should be included in a program but he can reason them as well - which comes with his deep understanding about human anatomy. My exercise form, which I thought was pretty good enough, was corrected. I could compare, by the end of four weeks, the significant improvement in my squat depth, my flexibility and my strength.


Suneet also possess in-depth knowledge about nutrition as well. During my training under him, I started eating with a purpose, complimenting my workout plans and goal. I continue to follow his principles, around nutrition, even now after 2 years.


I am glad to have known Suneet and be trained by him. I am sure he is be one of the best, if not the best, personal trainers in this industry.

— Ulhas Mandrawadkar

IT Profressional

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Frequently asked questions

Doing something like that takes time and careful analysis of your characteristics. It would be done poorly in the short amount of time in a consult call and I refuse to shortchange you in that way. But I do offer that service here.

The only questions that I ‘can’t’ answer are ones that fall outside my area of expertise and beyond my scope of practice. For example: medical advice, performance enhancing drugs etc.

Besides that, under the off chance that I don’t know the answer to your question, I will make it a point to research and personally get back to you with the answer via email within 24 hours! How’s that? 😉

I’ve built my reputation on providing facts without the fluff of useless and incorrect information. If you take on this consult, you must trust in my goal to provide you the best information possible based on the most up to date scientific evidence available.

Unfortunately, that’s not possible. Which is why I would recommend that you come prepared with all your questions and doubts so you can fully utilize the time allotted to you.

Yes, while I offer a separate service for form check, you could still choose to have your form analyzed LIVE over call with me.

Yes, whether you’re lacking motivation or need help scheduling workouts around job or school schedules, or just want to chat in general, I’m absolutely up for it.

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