Get personalized advice with my undivided attention in a one on one skype consult

For when Google doesn’t have THE answers

  • Training and nutrition analysis
    I critique, then mold your training and nutrition plan to steer you in the right direction.
  • Injury rehab protocol
    Suffered an injury? Get your complete rehab strategy designed.
  • Specific strategies for special events
    Individualized strategies for your specific circumstances.
  • General questions
    Any and all questions welcomed regarding anything fitness.

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[cq_vc_accordion accordionstyle=”style2″ contentcolor=”#333333″ contentbg=”#fafafa” accordiontitle=”Can you create a training and nutrition plan for me in this consult?,What if there’s a question you can’t answer?,What if I’m not happy with the answers I receive?” titlebg=”#fafafa” titlehovercolor=”#ffffff” titlehoverbg=”#00aced” withbordercolor=”#000000″ extraborder=”no” extrabordercolor=”#000000″ displayfirst=”” extra_class=”cus-faq” titlecolor=”#333333″][accordionitem] Doing something like that takes time and careful analysis of your characteristics. It would be done poorly in the short amount of time in a consult call and I refuse to shortchange you in that way. But I do offer that service here.
[/accordionitem] [accordionitem] The only questions that I ‘can’t’ answer are ones that fall outside my area of expertise and beyond my scope of practice. For example: medical advice, performance enhancing drugs etc.
Besides that, under the off chance that I don’t know the answer to your question, I will make it a point to research and personally get back to you with the answer via email within 24 hours! How’s that? 😉
[/accordionitem] [accordionitem] I’ve built my reputation on providing facts without the fluff of useless and incorrect information. If you take on this consult, you must trust in my goal to provide you the best information possible based on the most up to date scientific evidence available.
[cq_vc_accordion accordionstyle=”style2″ contentcolor=”#333333″ accordiontitle=”What if I don’t want to use the whole 30 minutes to an hour? Can I save it for later?,Can I submit videos for form check during the consult?,Can I use the consult to ask non-fitness related questions?” titlehovercolor=”#ffffff” titlehoverbg=”#00aced” extraborder=”no” displayfirst=”” contentbg=”#fafafa” titlebg=”#fafafa” extrabordercolor=”#000000″ withbordercolor=”#000000″ extra_class=”cus-faq” titlecolor=”#333333″][accordionitem] Unfortunately, that’s not possible. Which is why I would recommend that you come prepared with all your questions and doubts so you can fully utilize the time allotted to you.
[/accordionitem] [accordionitem] Yes, while I offer a separate service for form check here, you could still choose to have your form analyzed LIVE over call with me.
[/accordionitem] [accordionitem] Yes, whether you’re lacking motivation or need help scheduling workouts around job or school schedules, or just want to chat in general, I’m absolutely up for it.