Available Worldwide for Seminars and Guest Appearances

Are you:

  • An organization looking to co-ordinate a seminar for your local community to spread fitness awareness and knowledge?
  • A gym owner looking to conduct advanced workshops for your trainers to improve their knowledge and standards as professionals to offer better quality service to your members?
  • A corporation looking to conduct basic fitness workshops for your employees?
  • A sports/fitness event organizer looking for a guest speaker?

Over the past few years, I’ve been invited AND invited back to conduct numerous seminars and workshops on various topics in fitness ranging from Fat loss to Muscle gain, Nutrition & Supplementation, training for sports performance, corporate fitness and many more.

And I cannot emphasize enough how much I thoroughly enjoy such events. Through these events, I am able to connect with a broad audience and provide content that is vastly different and a lot more detailed and valued than my YouTube videos. Not only in terms of content but I also personally feel I am able to much better express my thoughts and ideas when talking to a live crowd and interacting with people directly rather than talking into a camera.

But the best part of such events is that it helps drive a shift and evolution in people’s knowledge and awareness in fitness which as we know is absolutely crucial in a society that’s getting unhealthier and out of shape by the day! The biggest part of this is fulfilling a societal responsibility by driving the movement to educate and inspire people to lead a better lifestyle. And that’s where the magic is.

So if you’re someone who would like to organize a seminar, workshop or any such event for the people of your community, gym/fitness center, corporate office or anywhere else; and would like me to be the presenter then this is where you can contact me for the same.

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