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Discover the fortune that may lie hidden in your next decision​

“No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”

― Socrates

It’s time to unleash what your body is truly capable of.

No More Running Around in Circles

It's time for a shift.

I’m going to start off by telling you this isn’t a sales pitch to get you to buy into something I’m selling.

In fact, I’m just going to discuss with you, some of the ways your fitness journey might not be going as well as you’d hoped, and how I would be able to help you through your troubles and improve your current level of fitness.

Sound good? Great, let’s get started!


Why Do You Need Coaching?

I’ll be completely honest here, and this might shock you. You don’t NEED coaching!

Why? Because honestly, I share a LOT of the information I know for FREE on my blog and my YouTube Channel. And you could easily use that information to improve on certain areas where you could be going wrong. It’s perfect to tweak and improve your current schedule and can be used to fill in gaps in your routine.

However, there are three issues with that:

1. Do you really have the time?

Let’s face it! Who has the time, patience or desire to understand and implement each principle and each tip I share in my posts? Sure…if you’re like me, you do. And that’s great!

But if you’re just an ordinary guy/gal with a full-time job in a field other than fitness and have your hands full with life itself…the LAST thing you need is to become a victim of information overload!

For most of you out there, you just want a simple set of instructions to follow to get you the results you want.

2. Every Body is Different

Generic information will only get you generic results.

I feel like all the trainers out there go by the assumption that a one size fits all routine for every one is the way to go. But that’s far from the truth. What they’re doing is trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. It just doesn’t work that way.

What I strive for here at SFS is to find the best fit for YOU. Because you’re an individual with your own unique set of characteristics. And it’s going to take your very own customized plan (defined by YOUR needs) to get you to where you want to be!

To obtain REAL results for all the efforts you put in; you NEED a Training, Nutritional and Supplementation plan that is designed PURELY for YOU.

3. The REAL Battle

Transforming your body and your life is more of a psychological battle than it is a physical one.

Anybody can drag themselves to a gym 5 days a week and start a diet. But to be able to hang in there and stay dedicated enough to reach your goals? Not everyone can do that.

And that’s where the battle is won (or lost).

This is Where I come in.

With my affordable, world-class coaching; there's no excuse left for being out of shape

As your coach, I will help cut through the B.S and give you the FACTS.

With my online personal coaching program, I will take your body to its MAXIMUM potential in the simplest, quickest and most effective way possible. I will do the thinking and planning for you, so you can put your thoughts into the other things that mean most to you.

All you have to do is commit to it and put in the required hard work and dedication. And I will be there every step of the way to motivate you and guide you to the top.

Long story short…I will be your mentor and you will get results. PERIOD.


Don't believe me? I'll let the pros speak

Gautam Gambhir

Ace Indian International Cricketer & Former Captain of Team India.

"Suneet's scientific training and nutrition advice helped me immensely on the cricket field to achieve strength, agility and concentration. There's a logic behind why he does what he does which to me is a benchmark."

Parupalli Kashyap

Indian Badminton Champion, Commonwealth Gold Medallist, Olympian.

"I've learned more from Suneet in 10 days than I have in 10 years of training before."

Parupalli Kashyap
Bill Phillips

Bill Phillips

Author of New York Times best selling books "Eating for life" and "Body for life", Founder of Transformation.com

"We need more people like Suneet to cut through the myths and get to the facts. Keep up the great work."

Brock Aksoy

WBFF Pro Fitness Model

"Suneet Sebastian is very knowledgeable in his nutrition and training as he has proved it by applying it to transform his own body. I believe he can be a great asset to anyone who has the dedication to follow his program. With his guidance, I am confident anyone can attain the body of their dreams."

Brock Aksoy

See what some clients who wish they’d found Suneet earlier have to say

After working with Suneet for approximately 14 weeks, I have had noticeable weight loss and some muscle gain.  Those are expected when working with a fitness coach, but those are not the reasons I started this journey.

Eventually, age catches up with you.  It caught up to me slowly and without me even noticing, until basic daily tasks became difficult and painful.  There was a point where climbing stairs in my house and at my office became difficult.  I contemplated changing offices because the 14 or so stairs to my office became a painful chore to climb.  I was putting tasks at work off for fear of having to get up and down those stairs.  Bending over to pick things up became nearly impossible, and I would have to contort myself to retrieve whatever it was from the floor or just leave the item there and forget about it.

I had been working out on my own on and off for a few years following programs I had found on the internet and not making much progress.  More often than not, lifting without any guidance led to many injuries and a lot of discouragement.  I had resigned myself to never being physically in great shape, but I didn’t want to feel like every year I was having a decrease in physical health.  Basically, I didn’t want to feel like and old person.

I had come across Suneet on Youtube and was intrigued by his honest and direct approach to weightlifting.  I was definitely skeptical of internet training but went ahead anyway.  I started the program with Suneet with the goal of learning how to lift weights and not injuring myself.

The amount of knowledge I have gained from Suneet is incomparable.   As far as knowledge about lifting weights, proper form and technique, Suneet is at the top of the list.  Our training includes weekly video reviews of my performance in the gym.   In the beginning, all movements were reviewed each week until my technique was perfect, and there are no shortcuts!  Suneet catches everything and doesn’t let anything slide by.  He is incredibly thorough and accountable.  I found the video review to be the most helpful and inspirational part of the training.

My advice is to give Suneet a try.

Brian Calcagno

How it works

My fail-proof 4 step coaching formula guarantees you results that you’ll notice immediately

Personalized Assessment

I evaluate you as a whole and find out what your goals are, where you are going wrong and in what areas you need special attention.

Blueprint Design

A tailor-made training and nutrition program is created for you that’s defined by your characteristics and goals.

1-on-1 Coaching

Exclusive access to me through either Zoom audio call or email for any and all coaching and doubt solving.

Proactive Monitoring

As I monitor your progress, I’ll be tweaking your program so you never remain stagnant and improvements are always strived for.

Ready to get started?

Pick the option that suits you and let's get you in the best shape of your life


4999 onwards
  • Comprehensive questionnaire
  • One-off Personalized Training and/or Nutrition plans
  • Weekly follow ups
  • Weekly re-adjustments & target setting
  • Form & Technique Analysis


10499 / 4 Weeks
  • Extensive assessment via Zoom call
  • Individualized complete Transformation Blueprint
  • Weekly follow ups via Email
  • Weekly re-adjustments & target setting
  • Form & Technique Analysis
*All prices are excluding taxes

FREQUENTLY Asked QuestionS

Have a question? Look here now

First, I evaluate you. I get to know you as a person, your goals, current body composition, training and diet history, etc.

Then a training and nutrition program is created for you based around all of your goals and characteristics.


After that, on a weekly basis, I set new targets based on factors such as improvement on certain movements for training as well as nutrition targets based on weight changes and how you’re feeling or adhering to the program.


If you happen to be on the platinum package, you also receive periodic form assessment to assure proper execution during the beginning phases and thereon.

You can have your form checked weekly if you purchase the platinum package; which is the package we highly recommend unless you happen to be an advanced trainee who is absolutely confident in their form while progressing through different exercises.


We also offer a form check service if you happen to choose any of the other two packages available.

I make 4 weeks mandatory because anything short of 4 weeks is too little time to create a solid foundation, work out the kinks and develop a strong coach-client relationship that sets us up for consistent and long term progress.

You'll be pleased to learn that you won’t be needing much supplementation at all. I treat supplements as they are - a supplement to your overall diet.


There are only a handful of supplements that have been proven to work, and even then, I only recommend to you the supplements that would benefit you towards your goals.


Also those handful of supplements that are proven to work also happen to be some of the most inexpensive ones around since they don’t need to be over-hyped like the expensive ones that don’t work, so it will completely fit your budget.

The answer is yes. Home workouts will only get you so far and will eventually stop giving you results.


Although I can certainly create a home workout program for you; I honestly recommend training at a proper facility because I believe in MAXIMIZING your potential.


Unless you have all the gym equipment necessary to achieve those maximum results at home; access to a gym would be required.

Now that you’re on board, the very first thing we do is hop on a Zoom call where I conduct a thorough and detailed evaluation to understand your background and gather as much physiological, psychological and behavioral information about you as I need.

And of course, I get to know you better as a person which is also an extremely important part of our journey.


I then head off to my secret, underground laboratory and work on your kickass transformation blueprint that will bring to life the new you.