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Tailor-made Training & Nutrition Plans

You get the direction you need, no strings attached.

Not sure about taking on full blown coaching?

 I understand completely! So many questions in your head about if it’s right for you, will it work for you, etc.

Kind of like…dating!

I understand that you want to see what you’re getting yourself into before committing to anything.


Maybe you have the perception that being coached is a lot of work. Hey weekly check-in’s aren’t everybody’s cup of tea!


Maybe you’re a “wham bam thank you ma’m” kind of person. You don’t have time for all that coaching requires, or you just prefer your space and doing things yourself.


Maybe you’re the type that doesn’t want their hand held the whole way. All you need is just a little direction.


It’s also possible that you can’t afford coaching right now. That’s ok! I don’t think the size of someone’s wallet should be the determining factor of whether they achieve their goals or not.

If you’re any of what I described above, then this is for you.

Instead of full blown coaching, you can get your very own customized one-time training, nutrition and supplementation plans designed specifically for you, your unique needs and goals.

It’s a plan that takes into account what your goals are, where you’re starting from as well as the approximate time it’ll take you to reach your target.

I know what you’re thinking…and NO! This is NOT a cookie-cutter, copy-pasted template that’s going to be thrown at you. No way!

I will still evaluate you thoroughly with an extensive questionnaire and tailor make your plans as per all those little details that make you unique. So you still get all the value but without the commitment!


A few words from folks just like you

I want to thank Suneet for all his help and guidance. For over 3 months, I was having trouble gaining size. So I got in touch with Suneet.


He guided me with his best techniques due to which I am finally gaining size and getting good muscles. In just 8 months, I gained 17 kg weight! Thank you so much Suneet 🙂

— Anoop Sharma

Thanks for coaching me and making my form and technique of all exercises better than what I could have ever hoped to achieve alone and also to rekindle the faith in possibility of drug free physical prowess.


Me learning, in such a short period of time, more than what most professionals come to know in their lifetimes is clearly a testament of how superior your coaching is and how you are among the very best in your discipline.


— Bhavya Jakhu

Janak Raiyani - SFS Customized Plans Testimonial

I never thought I could ever be so motivated working out. Suneet continuously inspires me and pushes me to my limits and that’s what keeps me going back each day.


I am in the best shape I have been in my life, my lifts are skyrocketing and with him it ain’t just about lifting, it’s about learning the right thing. Suneet doesn’t just train you, he educates you as well, and makes sure you improve every day.

— Janak Raiyani

Kevin Ajith - SFS Customized Plans Testimonial

After seeing almost no progress for two years after I started lifting, I reached out to Suneet and he corrected my programming and diet and I started making solid gains immediately. My journey has just begun. Thanks Suneet for guiding me in the right path

— Kevin Ajith


Choose the Perfect Plan for You

Training Program

Completely customized training plan designed for your specific goals and needs
  • Strength training program
  • Cardiovascular programming
  • Flexibility & Mobility routines
  • Complete Email support
  • Discounted follow-up Zoom consultations
4999 (one-time)

Training + Nutrition Combo

Best of both worlds
  • Full strength & conditioning program
  • Tailor-made nutrition & supplementation plans
  • Designed around your life
  • Complete Email support
  • Highly discounted follow-up Zoom consultations
9999 (one-time)

Nutrition Plan

Tailor-made nutrition plan designed as per your goals and preferences
  • Nutrition plan with full macros breakdown
  • Strategic supplementation plan based on your goals and budget
  • Designed to fit your schedule
  • Complete Email support
  • Discounted follow-up Zoom consultations
6499 (one-time)
*All prices are excluding taxes

Frequently asked questions

Once you’ve signed up to the plan you want to go for, you’ll be directed to a detailed questionnaire to help me understand you and your needs better.

After you’ve submitted the filled questionnaire, you’ll receive your programs from me via email in 2-3 working days.

As a client, you will have direct access to me via email to an exclusive clients only priority inbox. You are free to ask me any questions and doubts regarding the program anytime over there.

Also, as part of your purchase, you are entitled to one FREE follow-up available up to two weeks from the day you are sent your plans.

You can use this follow-up to request changes/modifications to your plans or to report your progress so I can make adjustments if needed.

Any program (whether training or nutrition) needs to be monitored and adjusted for it to continue to work as you make progress.

Following the same program forever is just going to lead you to plateau really fast.

To avoid this, simply book a 30-min consultation call with me and I’ll make the tweaks and adjustments you need to keep making great progress.

Once every 4 weeks is the ideal time to get a follow-up consultation.

If your goals are more urgent, I’d recommend once every 2 weeks.

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