ULTIMATE Grip Technique: Weights will never slip again!

Picture this…
Its deadlift day. You’ve got the bar loaded up with a potential new personal best. You feel strong. You feel confident.
Hell yeah! That baby is going up today!

You walk up to the bar all set to rip it off the group. It’s showtime!
Headphones on. Taylor Swift blasting on full volume (Hey, I ain’t judging!)

You grab that bar and start the pull. Boy it feels good! That back… Thick, Solid, TIGHT! You’re gonna make it….

And just as you break past that first sticking point… Trouble strikes! Your fingers start to open up and you feel that bar slipping off.

ULTIMATE Grip Technique: Weights will never slip again!

The dust settles. And the scene ain’t pretty.
That bar is on the floor. And you’re in the corner with your head bowed down in shame.

The end.

Ok, I’ll admit that’s a little too much dramatization. But you can’t deny that you’ve faced this problem before. Where you’ve gone into a set of deadlifts or pullups or rows feeling very strong but were FORCED to stop the set early because your grip gave out well before your back did. It’s happened to me too. And IT SUCKS!

Fortunately, I found out this really cool gripping technique that allows me to practically WELD my hands to the bar and give me a grip that NEVER fails me.
And today, I’m going to share that technique with you!

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. And if you follow the tips I share with you today; I assure you that “weak” link of yours is going to become one strong motherf*cker!

As always,
Keep Learning, Keep Growing!

PS: Try this technique out and then come back here and drop a comment below letting me know how it felt 🙂

Suneet Sebastian

Suneet Sebastian is a self-confessed fitness science nerd. His passion and desire for learning, educating and promoting critical thinking in the fitness industry is what sets him apart from the average "guru". He has made a name for himself as an elite Strength & Conditioning coach among professional athletes and regular enthusiasts alike with his extremely detailed and thorough advice backed by concrete science and leaves absolutely no stone unturned when it comes to educating and empowering those that seek to take their fitness to a whole new level. To know more about Suneet's background and the story behind the foundation of Sebastian Fitness Solutions, click here.

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