One Arm Bigger Than Other? | How to FIX Muscle Asymmetry

We all look at our physiques in the mirror to admire those gains from time to time. Erm, ok, a lot of the time!
Don’t judge. You’ve done it too!

Here’s the thing though…
When you did, did you find that your one arm or shoulder or pec was bigger than the other?
You did? Well, as frustrated and upset as it probably got you…Don’t worry. You’re not alone!

You won’t believe that one of the most common questions I get asked is “Why is my right *insert muscle name here * bigger than the left? How do I fix it?”

Thing is… This problem is so common, that I can bet you have it too even if you haven’t realized it yet. And over anything else, the cause of this is a simple, yet profound mistake that I see most people make in their approach to weight training.

A seemingly innocent choice made by the average fitness enthusiast that puts him/her on the path to developing an imbalanced, asymmetrical physique.

So… How do you fix it?


Say hello to the other side!

Watch my video below to find out how you can make this  simple, easy tweak in your training and get that smaller side back up on par with your bigger one and give your physique that extra oomph you know that it’s lacking.

As always,
Keep learning, keep growing!

Suneet Sebastian

Suneet Sebastian is a self-confessed fitness science nerd. His passion and desire for learning, educating and promoting critical thinking in the fitness industry is what sets him apart from the average "guru". He has made a name for himself as an elite Strength & Conditioning coach among professional athletes and regular enthusiasts alike with his extremely detailed and thorough advice backed by concrete science and leaves absolutely no stone unturned when it comes to educating and empowering those that seek to take their fitness to a whole new level. To know more about Suneet's background and the story behind the foundation of Sebastian Fitness Solutions, click here.

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