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One of the most coveted goals for anybody looking to build an aesthetic physique are big, round delts that look like they’re “3D”.

Having a killer pair of large capped delts popping out to the sides can turn an otherwise ordinary physique into a specimen that turns heads and leaves everyone admiring.

Take NBA Star Dwight Howard for example:

Dwight Howard 3D Delts

Now by no means is Dwight’s physique “ordinary”. But if there’s one thing he’s known for (aside from being a big cry baby on and off court :P) is for his insanely big, round delts. Just look at those babies pop!

Dwight Howard 3D Delts 2

And even though his arms or forearms or chest don’t match up; it doesn’t matter! Because he looks like a friggin’ BEAST! Why? Because he has those killer 3D Delts!

And then of course there’s this guy:

Bodybuilder 3D Delts

Now that’s 3D!

Thing is… The term “3D delts” is actually something that is closely linked to steroid use and, in fact, is used to tell (more accurately, guess) whether someone is on that there “Vitamin S” or not.

And for good reason! Because one of the tell-tale signs of steroid usage in males are insanely large, often out of proportion, traps and delts. This is because MOST men have higher androgen receptors in their traps and delts. Now this concentration of higher androgen receptors, in general, make it easier to get more muscular and also get ripped in those areas relatively easier compared to the rest of the body.

But when you throw steroids into the mix, it just takes things to overdrive as now each of those androgen receptors pick up on the extra testosterone given to the body causing them to grow even faster. And that’s when you end up looking like this guy:

Brock Lesnar Traps

If someone’s got insane 3D delts, he’s most probably on some special juice. And to be honest, you’re never gonna get your delts to look like that guy because getting that insane 3D look in your delts is simply impossible without using steroids and other drugs.

HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean that you cannot have GREAT looking delts that DO bulge and pop from the sides and give at least somewhat of a 3D look. It IS possible even without having to inject yourself in the butt.

But to make that happen, you’ll have to OPTIMIZE your shoulder routine and gear it towards this goal.

Now I know you must be thinking that you’re already doing all you can pumping out set after set of heavy overhead presses and what not. BUT… What if I told you that Overhead presses actually do very little to contribute to that 3D look of your delts? What if I told you that the secret actually lies in a few OTHER key movements which you’re probably not doing and thus are not fully harnessing your maximum potential?

Interested? Hell yeah!

In the video below, I’ll show you how tweak your shoulder training to truly OPTIMIZE it towards getting those big, round, capped, 3D Delts. Check it out:


Hopefully after watching the video you know have a much better understanding of how to adjust your training to start seeing some killer shoulder gains. The details of how many sets you should devote to each exercise are variable for everyone and will largely depend on a number of factors that are unique to you.

So the very next step once you start incorporating these movements to your training (or if you already were), is to play around with frequency, volume and intensity to see what works best for you and gets you the most results. Or you could simply hire me as your coach and let me take care of it for you 🙂

Either way, you know what to do. So go on and just do it!

Just do it GIF

Come back here say a month from now and let me know how much progress you’ve made in your delts after implementing my tips. I’ll be waiting 🙂

Until next time,
Keep Learning, Keep Growing!

Suneet Sebastian

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